Modi’s policies created space for terrorists, claims Rahul

NEW DELHI: Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a crackdown on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying his policies had “created space for terrorists” in Kashmir and India cost the strategic one.

With #AmarnathTerror attack, the vice president of Congress attacked the prime minister the growing number of terrorist attacks in the valley.

“Modi’s policies have created space for terrorists in Kashmir, a serious strategic blow to India,” Gandhi said in a series of tweets.

Rahul PM imitated the style to describe his achievements in mathematical equations and said that the growing terrorism in J & K was the precipitation of BJP in harmony with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to form the government in the state. ”

The short-term political gain for the Modi PDP alliance has cost India massively. Personal benefit Modi = strategic loss of India + sacrifice native native blood, “he said.

Rahul’s last salvo came two days after seven Amarnath pilgrims were killed when terrorists attacked the bus in the Anantnag district.
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In fact, the bombing of Bombay of 1993 did not take place under the government of the Congress. The train explosions of Mumbai 2006 were not carried out under the supervision of the congress. The 26/11 massacre did not take place under Khangress’s rule. While Modi w … Read More
Gururaj Narayan

He called the attack a “serious and unacceptable security period” for which the MP had to “accept responsibility and never allow this to happen again.” Congress questioned the silence of the night and asked if the government liquidated the liability.

“No amount of chest, false courage and war television studio can now be an escape route for the BJP to hide their massive failures,” said Abhishek Singhvi, spokesman for AICC.

He said: “Only twittage in Kashmiriyat and respond to a troll not absonnera minister responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility.”

Singhvi said since the BJP came to power, India only has a “part-time” defense minister or “reluctant” defense minister, which is a sad commentary on the state of affairs that puts endangering our national security.

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