‘It was media that started the scuffle, my staff only retaliated’, says Tejashwi about Patna incident

NEW DELHI: Bihar deputy leader Tejashwi Yadav denied that his security personnel assaulted the media in his instructions in Patna on Wednesday saying that in Facebook messages that are in fact journalists who started the fight and that the The staff was content to defend themselves.

The Wednesday incident occurred when the Tejashwi RJD came out to talk to the press after a cabinet meeting chaired by the chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar to discuss the corruption case against the deputy CM.

Tejashwi, who is the youngest son of chief RJD, Lalu Prasad said there was a crazy battle for journalists to be the first to have a byte when he left the meeting.

Journalists were also harassed by security police outside the headquarters, he said.

This is what led to the struggle to begin, he said, adding that he was not yet fully aware of what was happening, as he was completely surrounded by media personnel.

“A couple of half-people put me behind me and I washed my ears and head too.

There were times when about ten microphones were about to hit the nose, I am saved and the personal character of me (me) protected while in the service … Many security guards had minor concussions, “Tejashwi said in an article On Facebook early Thursday.

He totally denied that someone was beaten in his instructions and also said he knew that the work of journalists is difficult.

“I understand completely (sic) how difficult their work is, especially cameramen. They fall and compete,” he said.

RJD has always been kind to the media, Tejashwi said.
“There were reports that some roughing chains (journalists) came to my instructions and some RJD supporters focused aggression that is totally undesirable, groundless and meaningless.

We have always been friends of the media and respond to them, “he said.

Despite defending himself from the allegations, he said the incident was unfortunate.
“I regret and condemn any charge in the media.

Such incidents should not take place, I will personally examine the matter and investigate, “he added.

Bihar Deputy also posted a video on Facebook in which he tried to prove what really happened.

The video said it was going to show viewers “the truth of the charges in Tejashwi Yadav by the media.” Video legends say that Tejashwi appealed to the media did not create riots.

The video also showed that Tejashwi was hit by a microphone camera and the legend says he was injured when it happened.

Then the video showed that the media personnel attacked the police to try to reach Tejashwi, while police and security represented assaults and assaults.

“Even if security guards are poor, they remain human beings with respect and do not go in silence to fight without reason,” the video concluded.

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