Chinese Media Says India Needs to Be Taught a ‘Bitter Lesson’ Over Its Border Dispute

Chinese Media Says India Needs to Be Taught a ‘Bitter Lesson’ Over Its Border Dispute

An editorial running the Global Times Tuesday China has accelerated rhetoric in an ongoing military conflict on a part of the China-India border.
The Global Times is published in English under the spokesman of the Communist Party of China, People’s Daily.

Under the title, “India will suffer the worst losses in 1962 if it is incited to a border collision,” said in New Delhi “bitter lesson” for supposedly crossed the border of Sikkim known as China Donglang.

The title refers to the year in which China launched offensives against India in the Ladakh region.

“We firmly believe that fighting in the Donglang region will meet with the retreating Indian troops,” the editorial said. “The Indian army may choose to return to their land with dignity or be expelled from the region by Chinese soldiers.”
He continued: “The Chinese public is annoyed by the provocation of India. We believe that the People’s Liberation Army of China is powerful enough to expel the Indian troops from the Chinese territory.”

Willy Lam, a professor at the China University of Hong Kong Studies Center in China, told EL TIEMPO that although hard-line editorial and does not necessarily reflect the Chinese government’s intention, “this exceptionally pugilistic article is [ Establishment of moral authority to China.

“It is unlikely that Beijing would risk an accidental confrontation with India, not to mention a full-fledged participation similar to that of 1962, especially in the midst of North Korea missile tests and diplomatic tensions on several fronts The sea borders. “Xi wants to appear strong and” in control “in the perspective of a critical party congress scheduled for late autumn.”

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