Centre authorises Army to make emergency purchases for a short, intense war

As the war between Indian and Chinese soldiers continues to plateau Doklam in Sikkim and the borders with Pakistan remain hot, India has quietly allowed the Indian army to make emergency purchases of ammunition, tents, spare parts for multiple platforms Of billion-rupee weapons order the army to be ready for a “war intensity and short” said the main sources in India today.

In general, the Indian army must be prepared to fight in an intense short war that could last from 10 to 15 days.

An internal audit of the Indian army carried out after Brigadier Uri’s headquarters was attacked by terrorists last year that left 19 dead soldiers found a huge lack of critical shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks, spare fuses For weapons platforms.

In retaliation for the terrorist attack, special forces of the Indian Army, aided by the Indian Air Force, had crossed the Control Line (LOC) and destroyed the Tamils ‚Äč‚Äčlaunch terror and facilities the Pakistan Army.

The executive decision authorizing the deputy chief of the Indian army to make emergency purchases has recently been published. Delegation of financial powers shortens the long-term process and paperwork for procurement.

“Unlike the previous processes, there is no joint limit on the amount that can be spent.” On the contrary, the spending limit is related to minimum stores, ammunition must be in the reserve of the army at the given moment. , Said a high level of the Ministry of Defense.

After the internal audit of the Indian Army carried out by the office of the General General Order (MGO) revealed significant shortcomings, and the army has been authorized to make emergency purchases on March 31, 2017 to fill the gaps.

These powers – to make emergency purchases without going through the described process – have been extended until further notice.

Earlier, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) have also revealed a serious lack of ammunition and spare parts. In a report submitted to Parliament in 2015, the CAG had observed ”

Despite the availability of authorized actions against the Wasch War Reserve (WWR) to achieve the expected duration of the operation was the basic criterion to ensure the operational availability of the Army, which we find in the examination with the WWR 40 (I) The availability of ammunition days was only 10% of the total ammunition held (March 2013). ”

He added that “acute shortages were a serious cause of concern that directly affected the operational availability of the military.”
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