Bihar row: Why RJD might have to toe Nitish’s line

NEW DELHI: The explanation of Bihar Tejashwi’s second boss Prasad Yadav on charges of corruption against him in a FIR filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation is unlikely to end the problems for him and his Rashtriya Janata Dal party in Grand Alliance to power.

Ally Janata Dal RJD (States) is apparently concerned about possible damage to his leader and the image of Minister Nitish Kumar as “own leader” in the light of evolution.

At the JD (T) Leaders’ Meeting Tuesday Kumar reminded his followers of his zero tolerance policy against corruption. But then, RJD has the support of Congress and other parties in its time of crisis.

Speaking to reporters after attending a cabinet meeting chaired by Kumar in Patna on Wednesday Tejashwi is virtually posing as a victim of political revenge.

He stated that he was a minor when the alleged bribery took place in case the IWC has charged.

“I did not have” Moonch “(mustache) then I wanted no job then,” Tejashwi said, adding that the charges against him were part of a political conspiracy by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief BJP Amit Shah.

He claimed to have functioned well during his current term as Deputy Chief Minister. He also said that the Great Alliance is intact and will continue to be intact.

Although Tejashwi has a bold, this might not be easy decision for his father and RJD chief Lalu Prasad out of the grand alliance if the head of government would request Tejashwi’s resignation. RJD seemingly limited options to fight its single policy battle under the current circumstances.

If BJP comes to power in the state as an ally JD (U) and Nitish Kumar returns to NDA ceiling, that would only increase the problems of Lalu Prasad: he must fight a battle against state and central governments.

Of course, it will not be an ideal situation for him. Although nearly Prasad retains his MI (Muslim and Yadav) equation intact, Kumar is constantly working to strengthen his party’s support base between the CBM (caste further back) and female voters. So RJD might not want to enter the 2019 Lok Sabha polls alone.

Unlike Prasad Kumar keeps his options open by taking unpredictable decisions such as his praise for the demonetization year of the Center and in support of NDA presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind.

People close to the chief minister of Bihar said that their main problem retains its own image. “He knows that his” rajnitik punji “(political capital) is his own and the good image he has accumulated successfully in recent years,” said a person close to Kumar.

“He has already taken steps in this matter in the past. He must explore his ways of coping with the new situation,” said the person and on the telephone of Patna.

What are the options for Kumar? It is expected to involve a major alliance in Congress to address the issue with RJD. It appears that Congress has its own interest in saving the alliance in Bihar.

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