Best budget wireless router that will save your money and gives quality connectivity

Internet is used by everyone in the World and it is essential to get all the proper knowledge about the World. People have the great facility to get each and every Information by just using the Internet and getting every information on their devices without wasting any time by going there and collecting information.

For connecting Internet to your devices, one must have a Router which is provides people to perform every task such as downloading and Sharing Files, Watching Movies, Videos, playing Online Games etc. There are many Best Wireless Routers available in the market and Online Stores which are as follows:-

1) RAVPower AC750 Wireless Router

Most of the Routers in this Cheap Range do not have the facility of the Dual-Band, which allows it to come in List of $50 Price Range. It is known for reasonable Charging devices and that is why this Router has many features at Low Price Range.

It has the facility of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi by which the Router can be able to provide you 300 Mbps Speed at 2.4GHz Band and at 5GHz Band it offers you with 433 Mbps Speed. RAVPower Company claims that for setting up the Router it takes less than one Minute.

It has the facility of the Built-in USB Port by which people can be able to Share Music, Movies, Photos and other types of Files with anyone using the Net. It also has the facility of the Blacklist or Whitelist Sites by which Children’s can’t be able to access insecure or inappropriate URL’s.

2) Linksys E1200 Wireless Router

This Linksys E1200 is a great Wireless Router and has little bit more demanding arrangement of the Network. It has the facility of the 300 Mbps Transfer Rate and 802.11n Wireless-N Specifications, this Router is much more Refine as compared to the NETGEAR RangeMax, but then also it comes into the List of $50 Price Range.

It has the facility of the MIMO Internal Antenna Technology which speeds up the Wi-Fi Signal Strength over an extended Coverage Area. It has the better facility of the Guest Network, 4 Ethernet Ports for Wired Connections and also has the facility of Cisco connect Compatibility.

3) TP-Link’s AC1200 Wireless Router

It looks same like its brother in this List and it is a better choice which comes under $50. It has the 802.11ac support by which it has many expensive features and with Backwards compatible with 802.11n.

It has the facility of the 5GHz Band which has the speed of 867 Mbps and 2.4GHz Band which provides you with 300 Mbps Speed. It has the facility of the better Horsepower for streaming Netflix in HD quality and also allows the user to play Online games.

It also has the facility of the 2 High quality Dual-Band Antennas that provides you with additional Wide Range Signal around the House for keeping the connection Robust even when you move from one Room to another. It provides you with 1 USB Port and 4 Ethernet Ports on the backside.

4) Asus RT-N12 Wireless Router

Asus RT-N12 Router is specially design for Home, Office Networks and Small Businesses. It does not provide you advertised Speed, but it offers better coverage area.

It provides all this things through the use of MIMO Technology, which uses Antennas for Multiple Receive and Transmit of the data to optimize transfer of the data. It has the facility of the 2 High gain Detachable Antennas for extending the Wi-Fi Area throughout the Office Environment as well as it provides you 4 service sets (SSID’s) with the management of dynamic Bandwidth which is quite suitable for Commercial Environment and Office where guests are common.


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