Anandpal Singh’s encounter: Sanvarad turns into a battlefield, protester dies in firing, 16 cops hurt

JAIPUR / AJMER: The tension exacerbated Sanvarad village, in Nagaur district on Wednesday night when 16 policemen, including the district of SP and an additional SP, were injured in a violent clash between police and demonstrators in CBI investigated Gathers an Anandpal Singh gangster.

Three policemen have disappeared and could not be traced until Wednesday night.

One night later, a protester died of a gunshot wound at SMS Hospital. It was not clear if he was dead when police shots. The deceased was identified as Lal Chand Sharma, a native of Haryana.

The talks between Rajput leaders and the government have not been conclusive.
Demonstrators destroyed railroad tracks near Sanvarad and damaged the station.

Demonstrators also attempted to shoot a passenger train that has been resisted and blocked by police.

At least 80,000 people gathered for Sanaradad, hometown of Anandpal Wednesday morning for a “Shradhanjali Sabha” to show their solidarity.

During the meeting, protesters under the banner “Sangarsh Samiti” said they would continue the protest until their demands were met.

The other two lawsuits are releasing about 150 Rajput youths arrested after meeting Anandpal and seized goods from the dead gangster family.

Sreerajput Karni Sena was also part of the event.
“The violent confrontation began when police intervened when demonstrators tried to put out a blazing fire.

Then the crowd began to chop stones and beat police in which at least 16 policemen, including Paresh Deshmukh, Police Superintendent (Nagaur), Gyan Chand Yadav, additional SP (Nagaur), were injured. One of the injured policemen was transferred to the SMS hospital in Jaipur, “N R K Reddy, Additional General Director (Law and Order), told TOI.

Ajit Singh, Director General of Police, Prisons said: “The talks remained conclusive We have not accepted their demands will be taken against them suspect …”
ADG Reddy said that police were asked not to use guns.

“After the confrontation, a large number of police officers, including car drivers, were transferred to the town of Sanvarad and the whole village was coordinated. Demonstrators dispersed on the railways and police were deployed on the runway,” he said. He said.

Dewwana hospitals and Nagaur were full of policemen who had been beaten black and blue with walking sticks or injured on the stones. “It’s demoralizing.

If our shots on a fugitive can be taken this way, why shoot again? It is anarchy and everything that happened in Sanvarad is demoralizing to the force, “said an official from the rank of General Directorate of the condition of anonymity.

Rajput leaders who came to the meeting earlier in the afternoon had threatened that if their demands were not met, the protest could take a violent turn. Even during the afternoon, protesters burned tires and set four yards RSRTC bus.

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