The United States government confirmed last night that North Korea has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, crossing a cooling line and emphasizing the fact that Trump to change the trajectory of dictator Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program in the six last months. – “The last missile flew higher and stayed in the air longer than the previous attempts – enough to reach all of Alaska,” reports Anne Gearan and Emily Rauhala on our cover. “The launch follows a set of recent actions from Pyongyang, including a salvo of missiles last month and three tests in May. Kim released more missiles in a year than the father and predecessor in the family dynasty of 17 years in power. North Korea has also carried out five nuclear tests since 2006, including two last year. ” – Experts say the missile was a “real ICBM” and showed technical sophistication that Western experts believe North Korea was years of dominance. “North Korea’s apparent achievement is ahead of schedule,” Joby Warrick said. “The Hwasong-14 tested Monday could not have reached the American continent, according to analysts, and there is no evidence to date that North Korea is able to build a miniaturized nuclear warhead to accommodate one of its long-range missiles. But now there is little reason to doubt that the two are in North Korea. ” – The United States military and South Korean military responded last night with a force of force, launching their own missiles into South Korean territorial waters along the east coast of the country. The United States Pacific Command called this direct response to the “destabilizing and illegal actions of North Korea” (Dan Lamothe has more). – The last three presidents have tried to negotiate, only to find that Pyongyang can not be trusted. Reflecting on the humility of someone who feels lonely, maybe fix things, the Trump tweet “will not happen” came two months after Barack Obama warned that North Korea’s private North would probably be the most pressing problem encountered as president. Several aid from the last administration also told its counterparts that the incoming missile program should be their national security priority. – unconsciously Trump thought he could persuade China to pressure North Korea to stop its nuclear activities. Then President Xi Jinping has taught the history of the region when they met at Sea-to-Lake in April. “After listening for 10 minutes, it made me realize that it is not so simple,” the president said after telling the story lesson. “You know, I was very convinced that they had enormous power over North Korea, but it’s not what they think. – During the transition, Trump seemed to embrace “crazy theory” of foreign policy. The president-elect believes that using his reputation for unpredictability to prevent the American opponents to intimidate and make concessions that would not have done otherwise. Some people close to Trump believe that, for example, that North Korea could get to the table feared that the President of the United States is so crazy to undertake a preventive military action. (I wrote last December about why it was so risky and prone to fail, as was the case when Richard Nixon first tried it in Vietnam). – In the campaign, Trump also expressed his openness to South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear weapons. “They probably have to clean very quickly,” Trump said at a March meeting in Wisconsin in 2016, thinking about a thermonuclear confrontation with North Korea. “If they fight, you know what, it would be a terrible thing … But if they do, they do.” Good luck, entertain you, guys. “

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